Found in Social Responsibility

RS-G3 Models

Shangri–La Foundation has developed and registered the RS-G3 Model for the implementation of Social Responsibility systems. The main input is allowing companies and organizations to acquire rigorous but accessible and easy to use tools in order to implement social responsibility systems within their own structure

RS – G3 is a Model to implement SR Systems which gives companies the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate till which extent they are Socially responsible
  • Identify the company SR Opportunities
  • Integrate SR Systems and yet respect its own characteristics and individual tempos
  • Design specific Social Responsibility plans related to their activity, needs and opportunities. (Social action plans: voluntary work, common development, social integration, etc)
  • Create Annual Sustainability Reports to keep a record on the social responsibility actions developed by the company
Logo del modelo RS-G3 para la implantación de sistemas de Responsabilidad Social

RS-G3 Distinguishing factors

The most outstanding feature of RS-G3 is that it was created upon practical basis essentials that are close to business reality. RS-G3 has been able to adapt the global goals of the United Nations to the needs and features of companies that are determined to make progress in RS but need a useful and simple guide to help them start working on the matter

The efforts made by Companies and Social Responsibility should not be dissociated

  • RS-G3 has a worldwide applicability
  • RS-G3 implements specific SR systems for each Company or Entity
  • Provides distinguishing features
  • Enhances credibility and provides liability to action policies related to SR

RS-G3 distinguishing features:

  • Respect for each company own characteristics and timings
  • Does not add bureaucracy processes to any Company or Entity, neither changes internal management policies