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Shangri–La Foundation is a private, non-profit organization, that operate nationwide but also extends its activities internationally. Its purpose is to improve our society by helping in the integration of individuals whatever their condition might be

There is a new path on which we can glimpse the Horizon Shangri-La Foundation is willing to fight for. A Horizon where everyone is respected and accepted no matter the differences. The name “Shangri-La” matches the Foundation’s philosophy. It adopts the name from the “Shangri-La” described by James Hilton in his novel “Lost Horizons”; The novel was adapted to the cinema by Frank Capra, becoming the so called classic in 1937. The piece showed a utopia based on a small world where every person participated equally regardless their personal differences

At the Foundation we have always believed it is people who make possible the improvement of our society by sharing their work, energy, experience, knowledge and skills.


Mosaic made of multiple faces


Shangri-La Foundation was created with the aim of developing projects with a strong social profile in order to help improve our world, having the desire of promoting knowledge, integration and Social Responsibility. By pursuing this goal we discovered ourselves promoting Accessibility and creating the DIGA project (Indicative Sign of Accessibility Degree)

Shangri-La general interest purposes:

  • Promotion of Social Responsibility
  • Equality of opportunities and Fight against discrimination
  • To Promote social projects and social actions to improve people’s life conditions in general and that of disabled, elder or people risking from social exclusion in particular


Shangri-La Foundation stands for conducting a wide and diverse kind of activities. The main areas we focus on are as follows:

  • Research studies and accessibility assessments, implementing the DIGA®© Model, Indicative Sign of Accessibility Degree
  • Plans, Projects and Social Programs designed ad hoc for Companies as well as Public and Private Entities that are willing to develop an effective and practical social action (social and labor integration, education, training in different and various courses and majors, social rehabilitation, promotion, care and assistance, etc)
  • Technical support works, consulting, management, analysis and advisement in any matters related to Social Responsibility and Accessibility
  • Training. The main activities we develop are two action lines based: Self-training and Training for private firms, public organizations and third sector entities in order to fulfill their training needs
  • Research and Studies. Since its creation the Foundation has been doing research and studies in the social and economic field. These investigations have become social projects afterwards such as DIGA, RS-G3, etc
  • Awareness campaigns, conferences, workshops, training, recycling symposiums as well as events and activities
  • Promotion and development Actions in the area of Quality, Management Systems and Regulation implementation
  • I+D+i in the social area

Award to the Shangri-La Foundation Honorary President, Francisco Miguel Alonso García

Imagen de Francisco Miguel Alonso García
Francisco Miguel Alonso García
Shangri-La Foundation was founded by Francisco Miguel Alonso García, current Honorary President

In 2015, the Foundation Board unanimously agreed to acknowledge and award the dedication and efforts made by Francisco Miguel Alonso García by appointing him Honorary President

We would like to take the opportunity and dedicate a special mention to reward his personal and professional dedication within 40 years of experience:

The Foundation and, even more, society owes him many successful social projects that emerged from his great innovative skills and his ability to generate good ideas

His personal and professional background stands out for his dedication to others, his daily and constant fight it is based on the creation of employment and impulse projects with common factors: self-financing, collective benefits and the search of a better future for those who suffer from difficulties

Originally an Educator and trainer, Francisco Miguel Alonso García learned how to share his skills to teach and his entrepreneur’s spirit to the various projects he created and started up thought the years

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