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Since its creation, Shangri-La Foundation has developed and started up various Social Projects related with incorporation, training and reintegration

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Logo of Solidary Ribbon for Disability

Solidary Ribbon

Back in 2006, Shangri-La Foundation started up the project “Solidary Ribbon for Disability” with the aim to achieve two main objectives

1. The awareness of Society towards the disabled people collective

2. The acquisition of financial resources that would allow us to carry out actions to improve the social and labor market integration of the disabled people collective

We launched the first Solidary Product in the market, a high quality ribbon to attach the cellular phone, the keys or badges. All 8 different models were created by national and international recognized designers

Solidary Ribbon Designers

Ribbon Designs
Adolfo Domínguez
Amaya Arzuaga
Angel Schlesser
Jocomolola (SYBILLA)
Joaquín González
Purificación García
Roberto Verino

Some of our Solidarity Ambassadors

Congress Picture
Senate Picture

Mr. Javier Rojo, President of Senate and Mr. Jose Bono, President of Chamber of Congressmen awarded with the SOLIDARY RIBBON FOR DISABILITY by Mr. Mario García, President of COCEMFE, and Mr. Francisco Miguel Alonso García, project promoter and President of the Special Center for the Design of Employment and Management of Social Projects for Disabled GPS

Fermín Cacho
Fermín Cacho
Fernando Romay
Fernando Romay
Gervasio Defer
Gervasio Defer
Luis Del Olmo
Luis del Olmo
Isabel Gemio
Isabel Gemio
Llum Barrera y Nuria Roca
LLum Barrera y Nuria Roca

Solidary Firms

A great number of firms from different sectors supported and became solidary with the Solidary Ribbon project

AnudalVocentoRecoletosPortalatino.comHipercorAgarimariaSupercorSGAEOpencorEl corte InglésIbermutuamur

Government Institutions such as The Chamber of Congressmen and the Senate became ambassadors of the Solidary Ribbon. Personalities from the Art scene, TV, Sports and Media also showed their support and became ambassadors for this project

The Solidary Ribbon had a commercial appeal that allowed people to support a social cause and at the same time get a product for a reasonable price that was both useful and attractive